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11 Hotel Grand Opening Ideas To Bring Customers In

Is there anything more exciting than finally opening the doors to your hotel after months (or maybe even years) of hard work? A hotel grand opening is a chance to celebrate your achievement with the community and to show everyone why your hotel is worth checking out.

Of course, you also want to make sure that your hotel grand opening is successful in attracting customers. After all, what good is a hotel if there are no guests?

Here are 11 hotel grand opening ideas and tips to help you plan and execute an event that will bring customers through your doors.


1. Define The Purpose, Values, and Goals Of Your Hotel

Your hotel grand opening should be more than just a party – it should be a reflection of the overall purpose, values, and goals of your hotel.

Before you start planning your event, take some time to sit down and think about what you want your hotel to be known for. Do you want to be the most luxurious hotel in town? The most family-friendly? The most convenient for business travelers?

Once you have a clearer idea of your hotel’s identity, you can start to plan an event that will reflect those values.


2. Advertise Your Grand Opening

No matter how great your hotel grand opening event is, it won’t be successful if no one knows about it.

Start promoting your event well in advance, using a mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics. Put up flyers around town, run ads in local newspapers and on radio stations, and create a buzz on social media.

If you have a website for your hotel, make sure to create a dedicated page for your grand opening event with all the relevant information (date, time, location, etc.). And don’t forget to include a call-to-action, such as “Book your stay today!”


3. Offer Promotions and Discounts to Your First Customers

One of the best ways to attract customers to your hotel is to offer them a deal they can’t refuse.

Consider offering special promotions and discounts to guests who book their stay during your hotel grand opening week. You could also give away freebies, like hotel-branded pens or luggage tags.


4. Invite Key Stakeholders

Your hotel grand opening is a chance to show off your hotel to important stakeholders in the community, such as local business leaders, politicians, and media representatives.

Invite these VIPs to attend your event and give them a tour of your hotel. This will not only generate good publicity for your hotel but will also help you build valuable relationships with key stakeholders in the community.


5. Invite Influencers to Stay at Your Hotel

Another group of people you should invite to your hotel grand opening are influencers.

These are people with a large following on social media or other online platforms who can help generate buzz about your hotel. Invite them to stay at your hotel for a night or two and share their experience with their followers.


6. Partner With Other Businesses

Partnering with other businesses is a great way to generate interest in your hotel grand opening.

For example, you could partner with a local restaurant to offer a special discount to guests who book a stay at your hotel during your grand opening week. Or you could partner with a nearby attraction, like an amusement park or museum, to offer discounted tickets to your hotel guests.


7. Accentuate Your Hotel’s Best Amenities

Make sure your hotel grand opening event highlights the best amenities your hotel has to offer.

If you have a pool, make sure guests know about it! Offer free swimming lessons during your grand opening week or host a pool party for guests and local residents.

If your hotel is pet-friendly, use your grand opening as an opportunity to showcase this feature. Invite local pet owners to bring their furry friends and enjoy a day of activities, like dog-walking and pet-friendly hotel tours.


8. Have a Big Party, Concert, or Show

Your hotel grand opening is the perfect opportunity to throw a big party or host a concert or show.

This will not only help generate buzz about your hotel but will also give guests a chance to experience your hotel’s event space. If you have a ballroom or banquet hall, this is your chance to show it off!


9.Give a Grand Tour

During your hotel grand opening event, give guests a tour of your hotel.

Show them the different room types, the pool area, the fitness center, and any other amenities your hotel has to offer. This will give guests a chance to see what makes your hotel special and why they should book a stay.


10. Provide Complimentary Goodies

During your hotel grand opening event, make sure to give guests some complimentary goodies.

These could be hotel-branded items, like pens or notepads, or discounts on future stays. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will make guests remember your hotel and want to come back.


11. Don’t Forget The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a ribbon-cutting ceremony at your hotel’s grand opening event.

This is a tradition that symbolizes the official opening of your hotel and is a great photo opportunity for guests and media representatives. Be sure to invite local dignitaries, like the mayor or chamber of commerce president, to attend your event and participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Final Thoughts

These are just a few hotel grand opening ideas to help bring customers into your hotel. By planning a well-executed event and promoting it effectively, you can generate excitement and buzz about your hotel that will help bring in business for years to come.