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The Ideal Hotel Hierarchy & Organizational Structure

Ideal Hotel Hierarchy

When hiring staff for your hotel, it’s important to understand each position’s duties and place within your hotel’s hierarchy. In this article, we’ll outline the typical hotel hierarchy and staff roles so that you can build an effective hotel team. We’ll also provide an example hotel hierarchy to help you develop yours.

Typical Hierarchy Of Hotels

The hierarchy of hotels differs slightly from other businesses in that hotel managers or hotel owners typically sit at the top. Underneath them are assistant managers, department heads, and then department managers and staff. This pyramid-like structure ensures that each hotel employee has a clear chain of command to follow.

Hotel Manager or Hotel Owner

The hotel manager or hotel owner is at the very top of the hotel hierarchy. They are responsible for the overall operation of the hotel and ensuring that it is profitable. They may delegate some of their duties to the assistant manager, but ultimately, they are in charge.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager is the second-in-command at the hotel. They help the hotel manager with day-to-day tasks and take on some of the manager’s responsibilities when they are away. They also oversee the hotel staff and make sure that they are performing their duties to the best of their ability.

Department Heads

Underneath the assistant manager are the department heads. These individuals oversee a specific hotel department such as housekeeping, front office, or human resources. They are responsible for ensuring that their department is running smoothly and that all hotel guests are satisfied with the services provided.

Department Managers

Department managers report to the department heads and are in charge of managing the hotel staff within their department. They may have a team of employees who they supervise and train. It is their job to make sure that hotel guests are happy with the services their department provides.

Department Staff

The hotel staff consists of the individuals who provide direct service to hotel guests. They may work in the front office, housekeeping, or other hotel department. Their job is to ensure that hotel guests have a positive experience and that they are able to enjoy their stay.

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Departments In a Hotel Organization

Most hotels have a front office, housekeeping, and human resources department. However, there are a variety of other hotel departments that may be present, depending on the size and type of hotel.

Front Office

The front office is the most visible hotel department since it is the first point of contact for hotel guests. Front office staff are responsible for tasks such as check-in, check-out, reservations, and concierge services.


The housekeeping department is responsible for keeping the hotel clean and comfortable for guests. Housekeeping staff clean guest rooms, public areas, and laundry. They also restock supplies and take care of any special requests from hotel guests.

Human Resources

The human resources department is responsible for hiring, training, and managing hotel staff. They may also handle employee benefits and hotel policies.


The marketing department is responsible for promoting the hotel to potential guests. They may create advertising campaigns, manage the hotel’s website, and social media presence.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage department is responsible for all aspects of the hotel’s dining options. This may include a restaurant, bar, or room service. They are responsible for menu planning, food preparation, and providing excellent customer service to hotel guests.


The security department is responsible for the safety of hotel guests and employees. They may patrol the hotel premises, monitor security cameras, and investigate any incidents that occur.


The maintenance department is responsible for the repairs and upkeep of the hotel property. They may fix broken fixtures, perform preventative maintenance, and respond to emergencies.

These are just a few of the many departments a hotel can have. You can learn more about these departments by checking out our “Hotel Departments & Their Functions” article.


An Example Organizational Chart For Hotels

Now that you understand the typical hotel hierarchy and the different hotel departments, let’s take a look at an example hotel organizational chart. This will give you a better understanding of how these departments are typically organized within a hotel.


General Manager


Assistant Manager

| | |

Front Office Manager Housekeeping Manager Head Of Security

| | |

Front Office Clerks Housekeeping Attendants Security Officers


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a typical hotel hierarchy in place in most hotel operations. This hierarchy ensures that hotel guests receive the best possible experience by having a team of dedicated hotel staff to take care of their needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the hotel industry, be sure to check out our other articles on hotel management!

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